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The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas

Welcome to the Untrapped Podcast with Keith Kalfas

Nov 10, 2023

In this engaging and insightful podcast episode, the conversation dig into the challenges of scaling a business, significance of transitioning customers into loyal, recurring clients. We discuss the critical role of profit and loss statements in business analysis and how to identify potential trouble areas in scaling, particularly related to hiring and administration.

The talk centers on the entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the importance of enjoying the problem-solving process that every growth phase brings. They touch on the power of social media platforms like Facebook for networking, the significance of organized financial records, and briefly introduce the topic of hiring strategies.


"Just know that there's always going to be a set of problems out there. Whether you stay small, go medium, go big, whatever it is, the biggest thing to know is that it's going to be rough getting there. It's a journey. Enjoy the journey."

 - Dan Platta

Topics Covered: 

  • Managing Cash Flow for Business Growth: Explore the crucial role of cash flow management in facilitating business expansion. Learn how to allocate resources wisely to invest in marketing and recruitment, ensuring financial health during growth.

  • The Role of Marketing and Recruiting in Business Growth: Delve into the significance of effective marketing and recruitment strategies in fueling business growth. Discover why these aspects should be prioritized to reach new revenue milestones.

  • Navigating Business Purgatory: Understand the challenges and solutions entrepreneurs face as they transition from one revenue level to the next, such as reaching the $300,000, $800,000, and $1 million marks. Gain insights into the complexities of scaling a service business.

  • Hiring and Training Employees for Business Success: Learn about the critical role of building a strong team and developing effective hiring and training processes for sustainable business growth. Find out how the right employees can propel your business forward.

  • The Benefits of Financing Business Assets: Discuss the advantages of financing assets rather than using cash to maintain a healthy cash flow, which can be redirected into marketing and recruitment efforts. Understand the financial strategies behind business expansion.

  • Evolving Leadership in Growing Businesses: Explore the evolution of leadership roles as businesses grow. Transition from being managers to becoming true leaders within the organization. Learn how to adapt your leadership style for continued success.

  • The Importance of Recurring Revenue: Delve into the stabilizing effect of recurring clients and revenue on your business. Discover how focusing on building recurring relationships can help grow your company in a sustainable manner.

  • P&L Analysis: Understand the key components of a Profit and Loss statement (P&L) and its role in identifying areas of improvement within your business. Learn to leverage financial data for more informed decision-making.

  • Scaling Challenges: Discuss the difficulties associated with scaling a business, particularly in terms of hiring and administrative aspects. Uncover the common challenges that business owners face as they aim for expansion.

  • Business Problem-Solving: Explore effective approaches to identifying and solving problems encountered at different stages of business growth. Gain insights into strategies for overcoming obstacles and making informed decisions.

  • The Entrepreneurial Journey: Embrace the entrepreneurial journey and the process of overcoming obstacles in your business. Discover the satisfaction and fulfillment that can be found in tackling challenges and achieving success.

  • Online Presence: Discuss the importance of establishing and maintaining an online presence, including the use of social media platforms like Facebook to connect with other entrepreneurs and expand your network.

  • Financial Organization: Learn about the critical role of well-maintained bookkeeping in achieving business success. Understand how organized financial records can provide valuable insights and support growth.

  • Hiring Strategies: Explore the intricacies of developing effective hiring strategies to attract and retain the right people for your business. Discover the importance of assembling a capable team.

  • Business Development: Discuss strategies for developing and improving your business model. Gain insights into the steps required to adapt to changing circumstances and foster growth within your company.

Key Takeaways 

"There might be people come back once every year, a couple of years, whatever, maybe even twice a year.  If you don't turn that customer into a client, into a raving fan and a recurring, some type of recurring revenue client where you don't have to go out and get. a new customer, like pay to market and advertise and build a relationship and all this shit. 

Then you are constantly filling up that one big hole in a bucket that's constantly draining with time, energy and money. So building a business that has recurring revenue model that grows and grows and grows on the back end with clients that are sticky, that keep coming back every single At least every quarter or something." - Keith


"There's shitty things about staying small.  There's, the inverses of those are what applies to a scaled business when you're scaling on the positives.  Yeah, it can make more money for sure, right? If you can bring in more revenue and manage it correctly of scaled business can make as much money as you want it to make. If it's just you and you're small- there's a ceiling on how much money you make like you can literally only make so much money because there's so many hours in a day. When you scale a business that ceiling is gone- Dan

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