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The Untrapped Podcast With Keith Kalfas

Welcome to the Untrapped Podcast with Keith Kalfas

Jun 28, 2021

Let's be honest. When we are prospecting for a customer, we exaggerate to make them believe we are the best. You will also have situations where your customer will ask for too much from you because they know that you are trying to get hired, so you keep saying yes to all their requests even though it reaches a...

Jun 14, 2021 is owned by Michael Hinderliter, who distributes power washing equipment, parts, and supplies. During his junior year, he spent time repairing and building equipment for his father. This helped him develop the skills that empowered him to succeed today. For over 30 years, has been helping...

Jun 10, 2021

There is no way we can handle everything independently on our own as business owners. I realized this when I noticed that I have a lot to do beyond running my business; I need to work late at night to stay on top of things. As a result of this situation, I began to search for a solution. I eventually sign up on Upwork,